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After three quarters of a century of experience, university training, and state licensing, State Termite and Pest Solutions has solidified their position as the gold standard in termite management. We are diligent about keeping up with the latest innovations, the safest and most effective treatments, and the most environmentally friendly treatments. We have experience in every kind of structure. Our knowledge has helped us recognize termite infestations from the earliest stages to well-established colonies. This part of Northeast Ohio is known for prolific termite populations. It is often said that homes in this area either have had or will have termites!

Don’t just take our word for it. See the following: OSU Fact Sheet on Termites from The Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences.

Why should I be concerned?

Your home or property is one of the important investments you will ever make. So, it’s prudent to protect your investment by being diligent about its maintenance. Termites gain entry into any home, no matter its value! They have been proven to cause millions of dollars in damage to home owners. They stealthily eat away at your home’s value. Since Northeast Ohio is known for its strong termite population, it’s important to take preventive measures.

What can I do?

Unfortunately, you may not even know you have a termite colony in your home. It’s important to be pro-active, rather than wait until you see something that makes you suspect there are termite in your home. At State Termite, we have treated thousands of properties throughout Stark County and beyond. Our training and expertise is beyond compare, so you can select State Termite and Pest Solutions with confidence. Once you schedule an appointment, one of our trained associates will inspect your property. Once your pest problem is identified, we can analyze the level of appropriate treatment, tailor a plan of action, and provide you with an estimate. This inspection and plan of action are provided at no cost to you! Once you have made your decision, and we put our plan into action, you can feel good knowing your treatment is backed by over eighty of knowledge, training, and expertise.

What we offer and why?

Besides our eight decades of experience helping home and business owners rid their structures of destructive pests, State Termite and Pest Solutions has the well-trained staff and the right tools to custom design and execute a plan appropriate for your needs. We favor the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. TM. We also offer other options, but we have found Sentricon to perform the best.

To find out more about Sentricon, use the following link:

We feel strongly that, after reviewing the presentation, you’ll feel confident in your choice! State Termite is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.

Additional Treatment Options

Liquid Barrier Treatment

Pest Baiting

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