The Sentricon Solution

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is more than just a way to shut down termite colonies.  It is all about your peace of mind.  Only 24/7 protection from the world’s best will give you that.  The Sentricon System instills total confidence through:

Proven Colony Elimination

The Sentricon System is a game-changer.  Termite colony elimination has become the measure for success. And “proven” refers to conclusive independent research at 30 universities, reported in 70 published scientific articles, and more than 15 years of real-life success.  See if any other commercially available termite treatments can say the same.

Easy To Live With

Sentricon stations are placed discreetly around your property, so the Sentricon System is barely visible, and certainly less obtrusive than traditional liquid chemical treatments.  With the Sentricon System, there is no drilling, digging, trenching, or chemical injection required in or around your home.  Your Sentricon System Authorized Operator can make a scheduled bait station monitoring visit without your even needing to be home.

Environmentally Responsible

The Sentricon System was developed to be a green product.  Where many liquid chemical treatments use hundreds of gallons of chemical solution, the Sentricon System wipes out entire termite colonies using only a few grams of strategically placed active ingredient. It’s the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

The Best Professionals

Our Authorized Operators have extensive training in the unique Sentricon System and use state-of the-art data gathering and management tools.  They’re skilled, experienced and ready to eliminate your termite problem.

Manufacturer Commitment

With comprehensive entomology expertise, Dow AgroSciences is a global leader in pest management solutions and a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.   Dow AgroSciences proudly offers the Sentricon System, the world’s most advanced termite management technology.

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