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State Termite knows that you, the realtor, are faced with more and more burdensome tasks each day, as part of listing and selling a home or property, and a pest inspection is just one more headache.

We want to help you close the deal with an accurate, complete, and honest termite inspection, officially known as a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.

(Just as a reminder, this report covers ALL wood-destroying insects, not just termites. In Ohio, this means carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and many wood-boring beetles.)

It’s true home buyers are cautious, and a pest finding may concern them. But, this is the house or property they have chosen. When given accurate, informed information concerning the property, along with the solution to solve any pest problem, they see the pest treatment as just another step in insuring that their new investment is protected properly. Most of our treatments come with a year’s service agreement to guarantee that the pest is eliminated.

Our Program


State Termite offers a discount to realtors who use us on a regular basis.


We have a dedicated staff person who has worked in the realty business, understands your needs and concerns, and will insure that you receive your reports in a timely manner.


You have our commitment to provide an expert, accurate, and complete inspection. In today’s litigious society, you should expect no less. As an industry expert commented recently, “No one gets sued for finding termites or carpenter ants, they only get sued if they’re NOT found or reported!”


Prompt service – Most of the time we can accommodate you! Just call us, or fax us your request, let us know your deadline, and we will do everything possible to get that report to you to meet your closing or other situation. Call (330-494-6199), fax (330-494-2636), or email us at


Accurate Results, including:

  1. A satisfied home buyer who will most likely be a repeat customer in the future. 
  2. A well-documented closing that will leave all parties protected.
  3. And a deal that has reduced the risk of litigation, subsequent “surprise pest infestations” or other potential problems. 

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