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State Termite & Pest Solutions is very concerned about you, your family, and the environment. We prefer “low-impact” pest management practices. We use baits, glue boards, traps, exclusion techniques and other tools which reduce the amount of exposure to pesticides whenever possible. In the pest management industry, we refer to this as “Integrated Pest Management, or IPM”. Even though the term is relatively new, State Termite & Pest Solutions has been doing pest management according to these principles for many, many years.

So you won’t get “Spray and Run” service. Instead, we will adhere to the tenants of IPM. We insist on professionalism, which means we want to visit your home or property, analyze your pest problem, and then offer specific solutions. And we need your cooperation. We may need you to change certain things, like woodpile locations, trim overhanging branches, remove litter, or change sanitation procedures. Many times if these issues are addressed, then the amount of pesticide needed to control a problem is substantially reduced.

One of the largest uses of pesticide is to control termites. Termites cause literally billions of dollars of damage each year in the United States alone. For decades the only solutions was to pump millions of gallons of pesticide into the soil below and around structures, causing potential pollution of lakes, rivers, and streams in the surrounding area. This has been shown to cause harm to fish and wildlife.

The Answer? The Sentricon Colony Elimination System controls and eliminates termite colonies, while using only ounces of pesticide, not gallons. The result is peace-of-mind protection, colony elimination, and virtually no impact on the environment. Sentricon is so effective that it has been awarded many awards.

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