The truth about TERMITES

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According to information published by the National Pest Managment Association in their brochure THE TRUTH ABOUT TERMITES, termites can be beneficial insects in nature.  They break down cellulose and, in the process, return nutrients to the soil.

However, termite damage exceeds $5 billion annually. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance will not protect you or assist you with termite infestation or damage.

Subterraneous termite colonies are large, composed of a queen, king, winged reproductive swarmers, other egg-laying reproductives, soldiers, and workers.  Termite populations can exceed one million insects.  Worker termites are creamy-white in color and are the most numerous.  They are the cause of all the termite damage.  A property owner seldom sees the worker termites, but in the spring or fall may see the swarmers.  The swarmers are often confused with winged ants.

Detecting and controlling termites is a job for the professionals.  We will thoroughly inspect your property and design a treatment plan to protect your home from termites once the problem is confirmed.

If you suspect you have termites, you have reason to be concerned and should contact State Termite and Pest Solutions immediately at 330-494-6199.

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