Fall is Spider Season!

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And we are not talking about those creepy monsters around Halloween!
But there several reasons why we are seeing more spiders each Fall.

First, those young spiders that hatched out in the Spring and Summer are now fully mature and
bigger so they are more visible (think wolf spiders),

Second, they are hungry! Spiders actually do humans a huge favor by consuming a vast
quantity of tiny insect pests that would otherwise invade our homes and make life miserable.
And, spiders are now moving inside because they are following their food supply, which is also
moving indoors, and because it really is getting chilly outside and they want warmth just like
we do. And what better winter home than a nice warm, dark, and cozy basement!

So, yes, Fall is spider season. If you find too many eight-legged visitors occupying your
otherwise-comfy home, give State Termite a call at 330-494-6199

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