Got Stink bugs? That Stinks!

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In the fall, these rather disgusting bugs seek refuge in our homes, unleashing the “ick” factor when they drop from our ceilings. Squash one and an odor that some people find unpleasant tells you how it got its name.  Native to China, the six-legged bug with the shape of a shield first appeared in North America in 2001, likely after hitching a ride in boxes or packages.  With few natural predators they have spread quickly, making their way westward through Pennsylvania and now into Ohio.  Just so you know, this pest is certainly a nuisance but it poses no threat to humans –  they don’t bite or sting or carry disease.

So what can you do about them?

Well, first of all, try not to let them in, in the first place.  Seal crack and crevices around doors, windows, chimneys, utility pipes, fascia and other areas.  Remove window air conditioners, which are particularly attractive to stink bugs. Fix broken screens and windows.

Vacuum them up.  Use a utility vacuum or household vacuum with a bag and empty the vacuum right away.

Be a collector.  Startle them and collect them into a container as they fall, or gather them up with a tissue and dispose of them in a plastic bag.

OR CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!  Yes, we do stink bugs, by applying the appropriate products around doors and windows and all of those hiding places they like so well.  (We find at least one stink bug in our mail box every day!) We will leave the inside to you (see above) but we can cut down the outside population quite a bit before they get inside to stress you out.

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