Liquid Barrier Treatment


  1. Liquid treatments have been around a long time and the relative costs have come down.
  2. Some newer termiticides (chemicals that kill termites) have been shown to be relatively rapid-acting.
  3. Most companies have experience with this method and can perform a standard treatment.


  1. Hundreds of gallons of chemical are pumped into the walls, foundation, and surrounding soil of a home.
  2. Over-spills and contamination of lakes, streams, sewers, etc. can occur.
  3. A complete barrier is often difficult to achieve, so termites can still find ways to enter the structure unaffected by the treatment.
  4. Retreats may be required to treat areas where termites continue to feed.
  5. Odors can persist.
  6. NOT environmentally sensitive, since damage to fish and wildlife can occur.


While State Termite and Pest Solutions can offer the liquid barrier treatment, we feel we can offer a more satisfying solution to your termite problem. The Sentricon Colony Elimination System TM has provided the best results, using the best practices with the least amount of adverse effects. Whatever product you choose, State Termite and Pest Solutions has the training and expertise for safest and most careful usage. Applying such treatments is best left to the experts. Our A+ rating as an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau can help you feel confident in your choice.

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