Schools are an attraction to pests, just like any other structure. Particularly where food and moisture are present, pests will do their best to work their way into cafeterias, locker rooms, laboratories and lavatories. It is important to be diligent in prevention and elimination when pests come to call. Bug or insect bites can cause illness, allergic reactions, and pain, and can be a big distraction in the classroom.

State Termite has over eighty years of experience handling sensitive areas in schools across the county and beyond. We can arrange an evening inspection and treatment program when students are out of the building. In emergency situations, such as the discovery of a yellow jacket nest during school hours, State Termite can respond quickly to reduce the chance of serious allergic reactions among susceptible students. The safety and health of your students is something we take very seriously at State Termite and Pest Solutions. Email or call us for how we can help your school stay safe and free of pests.

For ANY of these unique locations, State Termite is prepared to assist you in managing pests. Call us now for an appointment to talk with your staff person in charge of pest management problems.

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