Sensitive Accounts

When your or your loved ones’ health and safety are on the line, you want knowledgeable, professional service.

Just like our lives, the pest control industry has gotten more complex. When you hire a company to do work for you, you need and deserve a professional. You want a company who is experienced, well-trained, and reliable. Of course price is important, but the old saying that “You get what you pay for” is still true. No one shops for the “discount” heart surgeon. Now, pest management is a whole lot less complex than heart surgery, but there are situations where people or institutions may have concerns about health problems, asthma, compromised immune systems, or any of a host of other problems.

Here are just a few of the sensitive account situations:



The hospitality industry has always had a need for a pest-free environment for its clients, but that need has become even more critical with the recent rise in bed bug infestations.  What used to be a problem that was only in big cities on the East Coast has now become an endemic throughout the country.

Nursing Homes


Similarly, nursing homes have unique requirements. Both senior residents and those recovering from an illness often have compromised immune systems. It is important to provide a healthy, pest-free environment, while minimizing the risk of exposure. Emphasis is placed on non-chemical means, as well as modifications that help to exclude pests.

Daycare Centers


Day care centers have special requirements as well. Infants and young children are considered high risk because they are smaller and not as well equipped to tolerate pests or pest control products. Stinging insects must be controlled immediately to avoid pain and injury.  All of our control methods are conducted with this in mind.



We all want our children’s classrooms and school property to be safe and pest-free.  At the same time, exposure to pest products must be kept to a minimum.  There are a wide range of specialty rooms including classrooms, cafeterias, laboratories, rest rooms, kitchens, lockers, etc, that may harbor pests or be a potential problem area in the future. Because of children’s natural curiosity, pest management products need to be placed in inaccessible locations, and treatment often needs to be performed after school hours. We conduct after-hours inspections and treatment to accommodate schools.  In emergency situations, such as a yellow jacket nest found on the property, we respond as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of injury.  The safety and health of our children is our number one priority.

For ANY of these unique locations, State Termite is prepared to assist you in managing pests. Call us now for an appointment to talk with your staff person in charge of pest management problems.

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