Bed Bug Recommendations

Bed bugs are a pesky bunch, but don’t rush to take hasty measures until you read the information below. Trust the experts.

DO NOT throw out bed or other furniture.
DO NOT change where you sleep.

Kill or vacuum any live bed bugs that are seen.

Discard vacuum bag immediately after wards by placing it in a sealed plastic bag and disposing of it in a trash receptacle outdoors.

Launder bed linens regularly.

Use a hot water cycle (140o F or hotter) and/or a hot dry cycle.

Cover the mattress and box spring.

Use a Protect-A-Bed Bug Lock™ mattress and box spring encasement to prevent infestation of the bed. (State Termite & Pest Solutions offers these items at a reasonable price.)

Pull beds away from the wall so the bed and wall do not contact each other.

Inspect mattress, box spring, bed frame and headboard frequently.
(once per week is ideal)

Remove live bugs with a vacuum
(be sure to seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and discard it outdoors; vacuums can become infested by bed bugs. It is a good idea to tell the service technician where the vacuum is kept).

Eliminate cluttered/crowded conditions
(piles of clothing, boxes filled with personal items, crowded closets etc). The more crowded and/or cluttered the more difficult to achieve control.

Do not store items underneath beds.

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